Confused about where to party and spend the weekend? Well we did some research and noted how E-town got the best clubs and happening zones in Kenya. Its true some day Nairobi will be overpowered by E-town because of the highest number of youths turning up in local clubs.

Below is a list of the top hanging joints in town.

1. Club SignatureWith the club recording the highest number of party freaks from Monday to Monday, club signature remains to be the top club in town despite having many other major branches nationwide. News hitting us recorded that club signature Eldoret was the most active club recording a rise in their sales. We followed the ambassadors behind this joint and they had something sweet to tell us.

EldoretBlogStalk: What do you do to snatch other clubs the people that flood in everyday?

ClubSignatureAmbassador: Well it’s simply providing the best music and the best services. Actually when a person enters club signature for the first time, they will want to come back again because of the partying mood inside the building. We also bring in the best Deejays in Kenya, a norm that other clubs don’t practice.

EBS: club signature records the highest number of campus students around the city, what’s the story behind this?

CSA: Well it’s something we do that we think other cubs don’t and can not perform. We have registered with student leaders around almost every campus. This makes us even flexible in our day to day activities because we find it easier to coordinate with every campus.

Club signature has been the beat club in town so far and there are a number of events lined up but we can’t mention all of them because they are still in the kitchen. One of the biggest events in town dubbed THE VINTAGE AFFAIR will be dropping down towards the end of this month.

2. CLUB 411 

This is the perfect club if you wanted a spacious lounge. I didn’t say other club ain’t spacious, but look at it this way, it has two floors the Regular wing and the VIP wing. Club 411 has seen amazing and dope parties this year some being the most events with a number of celebrities nationwide.

Remember the Instagram party? Yeah, it was part of club 411 and the people who turned up were more than expected. Now rumours in town are the Netflix party!! Lol, I wonder if the party will be streaming live or something of that kind. 

This club has also recorded the best reggea deejays on Saturday including the teacher and mixxmaster of reggea DJ Teargas and this has pulled more than reggea lovers to the discothèque. Solely we didn’t get in touch with the clubs ambassadors and maybe that can be a factor as to why other clubs are far way better. Not my words just my thoughts.

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