Wow, very much excited to write this article to at least shine some knowledge into the cheap campus students who think that being in campus is all about the ills and immoralities to do in town. The most affected universities are those situated in and around the town and its environs.

The students find the busy town which is full on clubluge and nightlife a breeding place of immoral behaviors. The town itself is infested with clubs all over and around town whereas some ehistels are not guarded. That is also anaothe major problem that will continue haunting our town. In part one we are covering Mount Kenya University most commonly known as the campus “prostitutes”


Its situated along the Tamarind plaza highway on your way to the Langas main stage next to khetias supermarket. Mount Kenya university will continue to be the campus that will produce low key graduates because the lecturers alone are not in position to impart them with the knowledge one is supposed to acquire.

To make matters worse, the hostels are situtlated along town and this is very dangerous because a town growing like eldoret has si many investors that thug life is considered a menace. The security of students therefore is not guaranteed. You even remember the rampant cases of students killing one another in hostels as a common thing. This vice is therefore expected to increase in campus hostels if security of students is not going to be considered as something important and worthwhile.

The Paradise Lounge; any visitor who comes to eldoret will want to know where this is place is. However maybe he heard some romours about the place maybe positively or negatively. Of course no positive vibe comes from a place where innocent ladies go to sell themselves to get a living. The place is believed to be filled with students from MKU. I haven’t personally gone to the place because I even remembered I had a cousin from another cousin who was in MKU! To students from Mount Kenya University in Eldoret kindly you are pulling the county behind!!

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