Meet Kabaka;The Face of Eldoret

Dee and Kabaka at a past Hits Republic launch in Nakuru

I’ve been going through the chronicles of Eldoret town and easily came to notice this one dude who has been pulinh stunts with almost every dude claiming he is super sexxy and hot. I’ll take that as a compliment no doubts but my worry ccome in the pace this guy is coming with.

Several allegations have nailed this dude on the “Barnabas side more sore Jesus’ Christ’s” with the behaviour he has been indulging into. I bumped into a fellow blogger in town two days ago who people claimed has been beefing with kabaka but he dropped the whole story and said he absolutely has no idea what is wrong with this guy. I won’t hesitate to mention him because after all he was so innocent claiming that Kabaka had threatened to beat the hell out of him before he runs out of town.

Apparently Lazo the blogger is the name everybody has been peeping in town to have spoiled their reputation with mere truth of which I consider right because no matter what and where you do that silly crap it’ll come out in broad daylight and you’ll be ashamed of yourself. I will narrowly highlight this guys dogmatic coillures causing chaos in town.

1. Kabaka don’t beef over silly stuff because the whole of eldoret town is hunting you, starting from Allan wesh whom you insulted during the Face of Eldoret Nominations and several guys who are creeping besides your back waiting for that chance they can break your bones and beat the hell out of you.

2. Learn to live with people. Stop using models in the name of dressing them. Look at your life and meditate on how you can improve the face of modelling in Eldoret town now that you are the face of Eldoret.

3. Settle down and start a family. If you want people to respect you, just show them that you have a family that respects you first and you will earn that respect from the society. Stop wasting time in nightclubs doing nothing. At least club on a Friday because everyone would want to check on friends atleaat but keep yourself updated with what is happening in your town.


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