Dj Arnold- We’ve been denied funkiez in town!

Dj Arnold- taking the entertainment industry to a different world

Interviewer: Who is Dj Arnold?

Dj Arnold: Just a simple but talented youth from Eldoret. I’ve been in the industry since 2014 and been trying to change the experience as best as I can.

I: You seem ambitious but not yet on the heatwaves, why are you playing it underground?

DA: Actually I’m not playing it low but as you know the industry is competitive and you have to fight hard to fit into the society. Despite the fact that I’m still a freelance DJ doesn’t mean I am playing it low.

I: What’s your take on the entertainment industry?

DA: The entertainment industry as a whole in the country is way up the demands that it requires. I will emphasize on doret town Specifically- employers want to take advantage of the growing number of DJs by even paying some DJ’s low income because they can’t go on an empty stomach.

I: Can you comment about Vibe City? The place where we first saw you on the showbiz?

DA: No. Thanks.

I: Are you dating?

DJ: Yeah I’m dating not because I’m a Dj and  an Icon in town but I feel like its my duty to take good care of this beautiful soul. Consider other big names in town who wanna go around banging every type of Lady they come across. I am responsible and therefore feel like that is a bit wayward awkward.

Dj Arnold is currently based in Eldoret. For bookings and reservations:Call/Text/Whatsapp: 0706483825

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Facebook @Dj Arnold Kenya.

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