FREDDIE AKA DIFRE- the guy behind that TV Advert.

Sometimes its a perfect moment to relax at the beach

The struggle has been real but some people can not just be left out in such a piece of appreciation, especially those that have been by your side when you had nothing. My brother from another town Hernize Msafi Classic thanks for the support and every energy you’ve put in place to see me come out of nothing to something. You can follow him on Facebook @Hernize Msafi classic.

He claims some employers will cheat you they wonna employ you but after you do a few recordings they will start calling you once in a month and claiming that their projects have been failing but in reality they only plagiarised your piece of shit and configured it into something constructive.

Difre, Tony, Lucas and Rik. Them squad

There are people who will always have your back no matter what situation you are in and that gives a big shout out to my crew members and some of my clowest friends who have been supporting me in the industry since I started scriptwriting. BigupTony (Facebook;Spyda Walele), Lucas (Facebook; Lucas Shann), Erik (Erick Smoke) and not forgetting this great figure-DIZZLE LEO-for always having my back and pushing me through thick and thin.

At a past photoshoot at the coasts

You might be wondering every day who is the genius thinker or you might term him/her as an incumbent scholar because of the attractive and unending adverts in your TV or that big banner in town beside you.
To the upcoming scriptwriters let someone not despise you that your piece of art is not worth being presented to the public, but put on the hard work and ficus on your future- I repeat focus on your future.

Click here to watch Dizzle Leo’s Video-Nakupenda Mie

Difre is an upcoming script and advert writer based in Mombasa. He is aged 20. He has currently shot three adverts and will be soon launched on TV.

For bookings and reservations, write to You can follow him on Instagram @Difred Fred-Mombasa Facebook @Fred Difre. Call/Text/WhatsApp;0708653255

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