Eldoret, I’m Back🔥 with Love❤-Odago Jacity

Odago jacity at a past photoshoot with onchangwa photography
I missed you eldoret town!! Your madness, the crooked and, the overcrowded streets, the beauty and the scenery. The gorgeous and beautiful ladies. But what I missed alot was the art, the art manifested in the dusty roads to the photoshoot scenery, the art of fashionistas and fashion glams.

At a past photoshoot with onchangwa photography

I remember my first title, I was in second year in the university. I was crowned Mr. Moi university, I saw a future, light at the end of the tunnel. Never gave up in my dreams because the beauty and passion was in my veins, flowing down deep me. I couldn’t resist the victorious forces that kept on pulling me. 

At a photoshoot in Rockspring gardens

Photocredits to my photographer – Onchangwa. He is another heaven sent angel, he shows the world that I can. Despite the fact that I’ve bagged several titles, I still feel the need to change everything, completely everything, from the environment to the heart.

“I know I rule my world. And I’m the emperor.”

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