👑The Kitenge👸 Fashion 👑Festival 2017 (Season 2)🔥🔥🔥🔥


Sharrone Otieno at the cover, Miss Moi University Main campus

I’ve been wondering what is happening to our motherland africa. Are we selling off our birthrites? Where are the times that our culture used to nourish with beautiful Kitenge Attires? Not even a single sight around the crowded streets of Eldoret town.
I bumped into this poster and decided to inquire more about it. 

This is the Kitenge Festival 2017 edition. A home of fashion, culture and humanitarianism. 

Kabaka the face of eldoret awarding a model at a past modelling event

Maxivanke Biama Nelson, McNick The trend and red cross kenya bring to you the 2017 kitenge Festivals. What made the event look unique and one of a style is that the proceeds of this event all shall be donated to redcross disaster mitigation kitty. Nice. Right? 

A model with african wear at a past photoshoot in Eldoret🔥🔥🔥
The event is bound to happen on the Saturday of 6th May 2017!! Book your reservations and early bird tickets through the following numbers

  • 0723879704
  • 0720049130
  • 0726538136

Ticket prices go down as;

  • Advance

  1. 500 Regular
  2. 1500 VIP
  • Gate
  1. 700 Regular
  2. 2000 VIP

Got a story wanna publish? Hit me up on ; 0729286687.

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