Club🎵Signature’s🔥 All White 22nd April😍 Affair👑

The April affairs plot

Club Signature gives me the nostalgic lines from Alikiba’s “Aje” where he tells the lady, “How could I found you when I never lost you”. I was wondering what happened to this clubbing Arena that used to pull down the crowds of eldoret town party prople. Someone whispered from a distance that club signature will still remain in the airwaves for as long as Eldoret town “guzzlers” storm the place.

It reminded me of the Reggea Sundays with Dj Juan the sleek indoor photpgraphies with chege Blink eye (I don’t even know his whereabouts) the funny moments with Cosmas Muthoni and the crew. 

Club Signature’s CEO Kenn Peter at a past birthday party
The April affairs is on! Going down on the 22nd of April 2017. This is a major event because the CEO will be celebrating his birthday party! Ee don’t know the tickets up for grabs on the VIP but trust me it’s gonna be mad!! 

Gordo always makes my clubbing moods activated just with a taste of Masolo as the host and Dj Neal. Don’t you miss because charges are only 200 bob but free for the ladies!! #NoPartyLikeAClubSignature🔥

The April babies will also be celebrated and free cakes and wines shall be awarded. Book your reservations through;

Cosmas Muthoni


Wanna blow up the news? Hit me up on 0729286687 

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