The Beauty💜 and The Beast😈In the event that was!🔥

Mr. UoE at the Centre with a custom made Kitenge Coat🔥

I know y’all hate at some point in life but then, have you ever asked yourself why you hate? Imma take your views and opinions on this article “the beauty and the beast” the event that it was.

Miss UoE at a past event in the campus
I couldn’t get any picture, one that could suit a professional portfolio, infinix again maybe oppo would do better. The event from the planning to the performance I’m told was a miss leave alone a mess, University of Eldoret comrades should be thankful to the school management for only allowing events to be hosted in daytime because pulling a large number isn’t intriguing. 

Richie-the runners up at the event
Oppo flyers were spotted somewhere! What a heck! Such a big company can’t even afford Kuyoh photography or maybe Starchase, nop we going too far! Kim photography or maybe the Eldoret boys screenshot photographers. Not my words, just a thought. Again, when you hate stick to a solid reason with distinctive specs. Shame on them. But who? Oppo? I don’t know maybe someone misappropriated some feeble ideas. Checkpoint.

Current Mr. Moi University Odago (left) with the current Mr. University of Eldoret Moc Ibrahim (right) at a past photoshoot

The judges again were the “men and women of the day” although everybody seemed happy with this years judges decision, they claimed last years Miss was despising and couldn’t relate with the other comrades well, I’ve met Daisy she’s humble and down to earth I haven’t encountered the other dark her. Last year’s Mr was the man to eat with, sleep with, make stories with, drink with laugh with and do all the funny stuff with-Dante. I met him at Mr. and Miss Universities Eldoret. We laughed out of nothing almost the whole night.

Moc Ibrahim the current Mr. UoE with a white in a place perceived to be oklahoma
But the problem came in on the 2017/2018 Mr. University of Eldoret. Reminds me of Miss USIU, everybody said she didn’t deserve that she was a he-wolf, not attractive and not good-looking. Maybe I could’ve backed up the idea only if I was in USIU. Is modelling really about the looks? Let’s cite a few examples from E-town models:

  • Kabaka-This guy got it all and to be sincere he is waaay up the ladder.
  • Ray-The guy got the looks and the essence. Worth a bet.
  • Odago-Another one. Height with the looks. The secret is explicit.
  • Masiga-Masiga got the looks and perhaps drives the ladies to slumberland with the awe looks.

The current Mr. University of Eldoret has the looks and got the Tall, Dark and handsome “ladies talk” description. Just as I said I’ll not buy or back up any idea because, I ain’t in the university of Eldoret👌👌

On our next article: 

What might have killed the beautiful Yvonne? The secrets behind the revolving stories☝. Keep it E-town’s Buzz

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2 thoughts on “The Beauty💜 and The Beast😈In the event that was!🔥

  1. I love what’s taking place in Edoret….
    Kisumu and other places should use it as a bench mark.
    Kudos! ¡!!!!
    Runners up Mr Great Lakes university
    Doubling too as the current Secretary General

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