The Devil😈 is Beautiful-So Does Shisha/Hookah🚮

Ladies enjoying Sheesha at a party joint

It’s a friday, I hit my favourite hangout joint, a strip club or just a nightclub. The sensation and the taste is captivating, clublights everywhere, but one thing sends my throat dying for the fresh air. A cloudy atmosphere covers the noisy breathtaking environment. My eyes peep to a smoking zone, no smokers around today, the pool table? Yeah only three gentlemen enjoying their game.

The waiter bumps into my sight. “Heeey saaasa? Kuna meza empty kwa ile corner” she means (“Heey how are you? There is an empty space on the far end corner”) I don’t hesitate, I’m with a friend, we follow the waiter, the club is full to the brim today. The DJ waves at me, probably we might have met at somr point or maybe a long term friend. I suddenly notice a trend in almost every table, there is a pot, a beautiful pot, but the smoke is coming out of people’s mouth. I’m confused, what’s the chemistry behind this?

We are seated, two beautiful ladies are sharing a table with us, I smile at them, they don’t smile back, maybe it’s because their table is loaded? Or its because we are just sipping some Best and other typa way cheap liquor? I don’t care. Again the music is loud. The waiter comes back to our table with another pot? I don’t remember ordering it but anyway I have to make a try, I ask my friend what it is, he shouts and says its called Sheesha or Hookah. He teaches me how to smoke it, within a few minutes I’m down on the couch! It’s killing me. The next minute I wake up on our bedsitter. A sharp pain cuts my head. It’s called a hangover. But wait, a hangover with one sip of Best? I’m used to drinking Kenya Cane the Coconut Flavour and the likes of Blue Moon. I think hard again this might be something different. So I’m up on my browser and the ebook; Effects of Sheesha.


Shisha has levels of costic compounds such as tar but Carbon Monoxide is carried in large quantities. Do you ever see that Subaru legacy passing on your doorstep? Ever noticed the exhaust that comes out? Then that is carbon monoxide. Exactly what you inhale when you in that deep throbing joint. In medical occasions, carbon compounds and their elements are the main causes of cancer. Just don’t blame it on your grandfather or grandmother that cancer has been hereditary, nop, its Sheesha your favourite!

2. Sheesha has double cigarette effects!!

You thought by smoking sheesha you safer from the cigarette smoker? The smoker is safer compared to you. Sheesha has 200% toxic substances compared to cigarette and the fact that a large amount of smoke enters your throat from dirty and dingy water pipes, reduces the ability of your immune system to fight diseases, that’s why your body will lack a humble atmosphere to fight the Saturday and Sunday hangovers.

3. To my fellow men😭

We are destroying our ability to form sperms👇👇

4. Pregnant Men and Our girls🙌🙅

You are exposing a very high risk to the future generation to come. Imagine giving birth to a deformed beautiful Angel. So sad.


Club signature brings down the University of Eldoret Appreciation Party!!! On our next episode!! Don’t miss!!!

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