Eldoret Models👑!! Heads Up! New Con🚮 In Town❎!!

Dear reader, the published contents of this blog are true confessions from the affected parties. Any accusations shall not be held accountable or liable by ™Apparently Lazo

Heads up E-town Models! A new con in town! He claims to be a designer and an event organiser! I’ve been keenly following him down, tracking his raw deals, how he collects a thousand bob from innocent upcoming models! How he claims to break deals with Barclays Bank and Itel Kenya!

When I first came across this guy. I saw malice in his face, satirical and sarcastic talks wall all that flowed from his skull. He asked me to market his first event, that was 2016 in the mid-year. So I asked him to tell me about the event. He talked of a culture pageant show, at Moi University West Campus. I asked for the list of sponsors then Boooom he mentioned of Barclays Bank and Itel Kenya! So this guy had connections? But wait he was an event organizer but with only a fly emirates Jersey day in day out? That wasn’t valuable to me! All I could see in him was brand new China Itel phones and 20GB data bundles for my blogs! I asked him to pay a deposit but he was nagging and so I pitied him instead, I marketed the event and he promised to pay me 3000 bob! He duped me! But today is not my day, but rather a day for more than 20 models who this guy has killed their self-esteem and demotivated them completely to give up in modelling!
1. Mr and Miss Culture Moi University West Campus!

Ferocious Zegends is the tagline for this con! He adds the freaking name in his posters to scare away cowards and attract the undying not knowing they are digging their own grave. He planned this event and this is how it went down. He invites models with the help of Moi University West Campus entertainment Director (the director is also innocent) and as expected the models turned up in large numbers. Others from Town campus. To satisfy them he uses one of their own to build their confidence. Calls Mr and Miss of the campus to train the models and promises them of some chunk of the deal. I remember the trainer could pick me up immediately he waa from class, ask me to accompany him so he would train the models. Everyday monday to monday.

In the middle of the training, the trainer asks for the assurance if the models will be paid. This is where a rift was created! Alas! Just that stirred everything up! He claimed that the guy was inciting models to quit, but nop he would tell the models everyday, ask this guy how much he will pay you before you showcase your designs! What made things happen was the fact that models were upcoming and were still new in the game so they couldn’t give up easily and were modelling for passion. A friend of mine, came and asked me if the guy was legit I failes to give him an answer but motivated him to model not for money but for passion. But again does passion pay your bills?

The guy who claims to be a designer can’t even afford to pay a photographer for a photoshoot before the event. I first ask him if he has invited any photographer for a photoshoot before the event, he doesn’t even have any idea of what I’m talking about. So I feed him in the idea of inviting a photographer, goes ahead to book for a site for the shoot. All this time are fake promises and empty talks. Nonetheless we all are human beings and are never prone to lies. 

I tried as much as possible to play it safe, a distance away from him. To avoid being followed up the next day by models complaining of being paid because I knew the guy had no money he wanted to steal from the ones he claimed he helped. The event happens and a few Models and icons around town show up, indeed it’s a successful event. No one expected it to turn out that way. All of us understand campus stidents the cyk to party, liquor women and music is all it takes to lure one into posterity. After the event, he is nowhere to be seen, that night everything happens completely as iyhad expected. Models are left in the cold waiting for the guy to show up but he doesn’t and that’s how he left. 

Below is a confession of a model who happened to be the head model of the duo that has been dangling up and down with ferocious.

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