What Happened to Youth Empowerment?

​The sun is setting down reluctantly towards the western horizon tinting the sky with darkness. It’s a chilly evening considering the current weather not only in Eldoret but also in better parts of the country,we are just sitted inside a pool where lots of youth from my mtaa (Langas) to be specific meet to pass their evening. 

Since no one is playing stories do emerge from different angles everybody expressing his opinion,due to the inflation of maize price, the topic fills the air for the good part of the evening bringing about the issue of everyone being cashles,  you could hear one say “hii gava imetubeba ufala sana hakuna doh,ndio iyo bei ya unga imezidi juu alafu mafala tena watataka votes zetu” after the statement it’s joined with lots of agreement again everyone giving his opinion. By this time it’s pitch dark and my attention is diverted by a whisper from one of my friends sitted next to me who tells me “Giddy come ivi kuna uradi, kuna fala flani ameserereka come tumchune” in short meaning there is a drunk dude here come let’s rob him, I fake a call as i tell him to go am coming but at the end I don’t. 

I know most of u might be asking themselves why couldn’t I stop them? A very good question but at a very different society whereby if you don’t like what’s done you don’t talk about it because if anything goes wrong and you didn’t participate  you are termed as a snitch and from where I come from snitches don’t survive that long. My main question comes to, the initiatives of youth empowerment what happened to them?? Or did the money end up in some rich man’s pocket leading to youths turning to unorthodox methods of living?? If not are those programs working in some parts where we don’t know? I believe youths got lots of ideas just that no one has ever cared to come on ground to interact and share ideas with because if that was the case we could not be having a good number if people in the society languishing in poverty, my take and am out.

Written by Giddy Aka Maasai👌

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