Zodwa Wabantu🌟-The talk of the town!

Zodwa Wabantu, a South African socialite, Mc and dancer is the talk of the town!

The sassy and beautiful socialite left team mafisi salivating after she exposed her cellulite infeated body while attending an event in Durban South Africa

The South African lass who is a dance leader of Eyadini Lounge, found in KwaZulu-Natal, is never afraid of showing off what her mama gave her.

Here are some of the pictures that created an uproar on social media.

South Africans and almost all African countries went online to unleash their wrath on this socialite while some went ahead praising her

Sizwe: Traditionally our African women showed off their skin – which was their pride. It is not a justification to abuse them. Look at traditional Zulu attire for young women and see if there’s anything wrong about this woman. Some people (unfortunately) have developed dirty minds and they interpret life with such.

Patrick: Who said nakedness is sin or abomination? Aren’t we all born nude? Wearing is for the sinful and materialistic nation who do not abide by God’s purpose. Adam and Eve were uncovered in the Garden, there was no issue then. Do you know the rule of simplicity and realism? Five hundred years before whites landed on our shores, we were naked. The bushmen and Hottentots never used clothes. Are they stupid? Maybe it’s us who are idiot to jump into judging others thinking that we better than others.

Vincent: There’s something about this woman that turns me on. I don’t know wat it is

Precious: As much as I don’t wanna say it But that looks disgusting. Where’s your dignity Woman

Leonard: Women ask for respect but have no respect for themselves. Keep walking naked they will keep raping you. You’re provoking men’s feelings.

Simon: I just feel sorry for her kids, she will be old and wrinkled trying 😣 to justify what she was doing but it will be too late.

Madikizela: She’s fat. She has dimples, at least, if she didn’t have dimples, was gonna look better, and this is S.A not Hollywood by the way.!!

Sindy: Why would this lady dressed for a wrong event. This outfit qualifies for a brothel function/ occasion.

Mary: Really now !!!! Can someone walk the whole day naked like that.

Sithole: Zodwa is real, she resembles kasi and glam and an African woman is natural, with less makeup, cellulite she makes all of us comfortable in our own skin not the media ideal of a beautiful classy woman🙌

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One thought on “Zodwa Wabantu🌟-The talk of the town!

  1. She has it and she knows. She is not ashamed of herself. She is not ashamed of her body. I think I love her. Hahaha.


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