What to do in this “Jeer Cheer” Period

A good number of city dwellers are of the highest class, of a class that doesn’t hit the muddy suburbs of the countryside. Well I’ve got some bad news for you “coolkids”, as I always remind you, I never write with the other side of me, I write with passion so if you hate well the podium is free give a speech.

The streets are busy, the Mr do it politician is on the vibe, fighting for your votes, of course you should vote so forget the ” sina time ya kupanga line” phrase, we are all in the 21st century where ladies walk halfnaked on the streets while dudes cut eyebrows so y’all know voting is your Democratic right. 

Let’s forget that, I’m not employed by the iebc to do a civic education, my point exactly, all politicians are on the verge of vote hunting, ready to swim with the sharks-if that will earn them 50%+1 votes- or giving out lump sums of the “Euro bond” to grease the hearts of the city dweller. This time round you got to act a little bit naïve, hit that office and ask for a tender, be it giving out the “propaganda shirts” (I’d recommend jubilee shirts, because I’ve noticed they are in plenty) or even sticking posters on the damn streets.

My blog doesn’t link employers with employees neither is it political affiliated so this article is here to empower!! Mark the key word, -empower- because I feel the same tantrums in the neighborhood and I know what it takes to collect Mr politicians CHUM’s in the simplest way possible.

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Published by Apparently Lazo

Digital Marketing Coach- Nairobi Kenya.

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