Meet Suzanne Victoria the Flawless Diva in Town

Suzanna Victoria at a past photoshoot

Meet the 20 years old Victoria who has been the talk of town even before the Canaan chronicles kicked off.

She’s a beautiful dime but not only beauty reigns in her but a series of successful projects in town including the store the beauty accessory and boutique store she owns in FCC plaza just beside Jade collections in eldoret town ((Ground floor))

She has been on a series of dope photoshoots and hasn’t been disappointing in all the shoots as her Instagram handle has been gaining massive likes and followers the past week. Some even requested her to be going live at some hours just to give them the best of “kukula kwa macho”

She is a commercial model who is eying for bigger spaces in the entertainment sector. After I met her and interviewed her, I was shocked after she told me the entertainment industry has been turned into a P-hub and that nudity has taken the best part of the fast growing internet.

I don’t intent to post my nude pictures and gallery on social media to gain 1M followers. I know I’m beautiful and that alone is enough.

Any of your fashion icons? Models in the industry?

Hahaa (laughs). I don’t copy ‘fashion lords and gurus’ how they dress. I dress according to my personality and I bet we got different personalities.

Future plans?

I wanna hit the Forbes lol

Are you dating or eying anyone?

That’s a bit personal but hey, I don’t think Vera Sidika stopped hiting the gym. Sometimes that is the only place one gets relaxed for the scheduled 2 hours.

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