Hey Eldoret!! The city girl on this weeks column is Vicky!

Change is inevitable! So you should adopt a new system where necessary.

Life is a series of expectations and disappointments and in your life such should be situations where new etiquettes and tricks of the game are learnt.

She is a lady that I can describe her personality as one of a kind. I never expected to come across a young lady who is so entrepreneurial and fixes her schedules like a boss.

She is a beauty queen who extended her love for beauty products and fashion galore as She owns a stall in town, Moi Avenue road, FCC plaza, ground floor

The city never entertains pettiness or paves way for the lazy to be successful, naah you just gottta grind and make a daily bread and still save for the next day. Life in the city is a walk in the park, only the strong and the fierce survives. The tax collector will knock on your door, the landlord will strike your ego from 100 to 0, you won’t wanna wish to go without power and the list is endless.

. Now that’s the life in the city. I thought at first I was gonna hit the Forbes at my first year of grinding but something hit me up, I was a lady and the challenges were numerous not forgetting the prey and pray and the claws of the fidgeting hungry hyenas around. I had to fight and the fighting entailed a strong attitude with the mind of a boss.

I’m never gonna let anything slip my palms coz destiny is shaped and fate is just a metre away from luck. Mind my boss lectures? Visit me on my store and get the best of the guycode and female galore. Imma dress you for the best occasion and you gonna stand out. I remember hitting the studio with this wedding gown and it was flawless

I’m on Instagram and you can follow me up for the best in your wardrobes.

For those in eldoret contact me on 0701164594.

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Digital Marketing Coach- Nairobi Kenya.

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