Study reveals that 90% of sarahah users are either cowards or people living on shadows of their failures or disappointments while 10% are in for fun!

Before this social media craze, before all the parodying and pseudos’, you only needed to open your third eye to sarcasm, poetry and riddles. With social media being what it is today, we have been forced to add pseudos’ to that list. People who, pretend to be what they are not.

If you are an avid social media fellow, you must have come across social media accounts with female usernames which after thorough interrogation, you realize that the accounts are actually not run by females and vice-versa. Or you must have encountered some accounts with funny names, and no identification images.

These are people who thrive under anonymity. They are cowards with fragile egos who should be chastised with banishment from the society because pretenders are worse than murderers. Why would anyone worth their salt hide under anonymity? Why would anyone worth their salt even contemplate using Sarahah, not to mention downloading it?

I first saw Sarahah on the trends list on twitter but assumed that it was someone’s name. Perhaps someone who had done something extraordinary; positively or otherwise, only to log in to Facebook and see my timeline littered with Sarahah related posts. It was an avalanche, so I sought to find out what Sarahah really was. Apparently, Sarahah is an anonymous messaging app; a messenger telling the recipient whatever they want to tell them, without the recipient knowing who the messenger really was.

Why anyone would need an anonymous messaging app to communicate anything, still beats me. What this messaging app is saying subtly is, there’s no room for rebuttals anymore. If you disagree with someone, rush to Sarahah and rant all day like a wild dog. If on the other hand you agree with someone, or like them or their actions, come up will a well-constructed praise instead of telling them point-blank to their faces. What these Sarahah fanatics are telling us is that it matters to them what people say about them.

They so much want to hear the charming messages that anyone would want to send them. And then they’ll parade the balderdash for their friends on Facebook or followers on twitter, with some funny captions because it makes them feel important. These Sarahah fanatics are so eager to get their egos massaged, they are waiting with baited breath for their hearts to be manicured and pedicured by people who have chosen to hide their names, and faces.

Listen up you attention seekers, it is not what people say about you that matters, it is what you say about yourself that does. Anybody who has a Sarahah account is not fit enough to lead anyone, not even a cockroach. How can you stand up for people if you encourage anonymity. If you want to tell someone that you love them for instance, show your face and name, and then let them decide if they want anything to do with you or not.

That’s how we were taught, that’s how I believe it should be. If you cannot summon your fears and gather enough courage to tell someone whatever it is that you want to tell them without hiding your identity, then you are, simply put, a coward. It is therefore safe to say that all Sarahah fanatics are a bunch of cowardly people. Brace up ye millennials, we are yet to see it all.

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Published by Apparently Lazo

Digital Marketing Coach- Nairobi Kenya.


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