You have seen them. He is probably your brother, cousin friend or even boyfriend. Forget the slay queen and welcome the slayking, who is very easy to spot but because we can’t assume how to identify them here are a five tell signs of a slay KING.

Funny use of Words

He uses words like “us guys” “you guy” “let’s go digs” such funny words. Then they short form everything there is a guy from Los Angeles also known as Langata who say “moskis” those tiny annoying insects we know as mosquitoes.

Social media is bae

They go by the millennial mantra that if you dint snap it dint happen, this dues are or snap, insta, and they religiously post on where they are, what they are doing and who they are with. If they are having pizza they will post it, if they are in their houses they will post it. If they happen to be in their rich friends crib you must see how big the flat screen TV is. He would rather take the pic of his boys henny than his almost empty bottle of beer. Their gram and snap feed is lit full of shoe game, wrist a little pout. Plus they are always taking pics with personalities you would wonder if they really have ordinary friends. Funny thing you will never see their real homes, they only take pics in cars, restaurants other rich peoples cribs and the likes.

Funny poses on pictures

Well I’m sure you know a few of this individuals, that eye brow must pop when they are taking pictures, and that one leg must do the walk when it’s a full picture. Then that hand on the beard, wow we can go on and on but I’m sure we get it. Tight slim full fit suit paired with a bold pink shirt, shoes almost brand new very shinny not forgetting the big watch. Get through the filter process and done now we are ready for insta.

He might dress better than his girlfriend

Whatever happened to liking the riff roughness in men, you know those rough edges is what we like. Now comes the slay king who cleans up too nice not occasionally but every day. The Gucci, the Pradas knock off or not, the Tom Ford perfume on 100 the scent arrives then the person. Some shave their eyebrows, apply make-up but and yes they are still very straight. They would rather fake it but make it into the trend poll and get the likes. They care more about likes than anything else.

The barber mystery

Ever wondered why he goes to the barber and takes an hour, apparently nowadays they get their nails done too plus they get extras after the shave, which is a mini massage.

They are everywhere

They are in all events you can think they are being paid for an appearance, but hey for them it’s about the fame and free drinks of course. You can’t miss them in any of this concerts and its usually VIP maybe they get free passes I don’t know but somehow they always get through there somehow. In the club they walk from corner to corner, just to be seen in their heads hoping a rich woman somehow will notice them and buy them drinks.

He never spends on his girlfriend

You will rarely see a Slay King with his girlfriend in public they actually never spend on their girlfriends, but you will see them with the high class kind of ladies the slay queens of town, so when they get sponsored he enjoys the fruits too. You really never know if she exist but she does.

Slaykings are a rare breed in our minds but they do exist.

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