Apart from making money, what are other blogging benefits?

Well, I Get this question many times.

Blogging newbies only think that blogging should earn you money. And this explains why most of the blogs display dozens of ads, sell eBooks and administer any other method of monetizing a blog.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong. NO. It’s very much okay because at the end of it all, you’ll need to pay for the hosting fees, domain fee and even for the internet.

Blogging benefits
I have been blogging for over 2 years now and apart from making money, I have learnt that there are other several benefits of blogging and in this article, I will only highlight my top ten other benefits of blogging apart from making money.
Let’s get started.

1. Blogging boosts confidence

Before getting into blogging, I used to write short stories in my notebook and never let anyone read them. I was afraid of facing critics and negative comments. And in fact, if by any chance someone saw my work without my permission, the fight of privacy invasion would emerge. You can imagine. But all these changed when I published my first blog post. I received encouraging comments. And then I continued to write. My confidence grew. And then I advanced. I began to approach other established bloggers to let me publish on their blogs.

That’s what blogging does. It boosts confidence. I mean, what is more amazing than educating or entertaining or informing millions of web users through the words you write?

2. Blogging improves communication skills.

I read 5 to 7 blogs every day. And I must say that there are some bloggers that used to write poorly when they were starting. What about now? Their blog posts are amazing.

You see, we communicate with the world through our blog posts. That’s the key concept of blogging. And I’ve always believed in the saying “practice makes perfect”. The more you practice, the better you become at it.

Writing blog posts frequently, hosting webinars, emailing subscribers and hosting/making podcasts are some of the ways through which blogging helps improve communication skills.

Trust me, an affiliate marketer who can sell you a brick can easily become a mayor of a town compared to a fresh law graduate. Just saying.

3. You become an expert

Someone once said that if you read three books on a subject you’re an expert. Why? Because 99.99% of the population hasn’t read even one book on the subject.

Blogging benefits

The reason I’m an ‘expert‘ on SEO and Blogging is that I learned how to do it. Plus – I kept practicing until I got better. That’s what blogging does. You definitely become an expert in a particular subject.
If you can be able to teach people how to get Google Adsense approval, you are an expert in Google Adsense. If you can be able to explain how to write great content, you are a content marketing expert. Yes. That’s right.

4. You become disciplined.

While blogging, you will learn how to properly manage your time. You will learn how to set your own goals. Achievable goals. And stick to them.

Through blogging, you will learn how to handle the attacks from social media. Like people Trying to bring you down.

In general, you will become a disciplined fellow.

5. Growing network.

I have like how many blogging friends? 5 or more. People I have never met face to face. They are people who believe in what I do. And I also believe in what they do.

Also, joining relevant Facebook Groups helps your network grows. When other bloggers begin to like how you relate with them, you become one of them. And that’s how friendship starts. Like if I were to visit Pakistan today, I’d invite Khan for a cup of coffee in his homeland. I wouldn’t feel too lonely. I’m certain he’d show me around.

Through blogging, you also get to meet other top experts in your niche.

6. You become informed.

Before you talk about something, you need to have current and relevant information on the topic. That’s a fact.

The web is a massive and open space and with how technology is fast changing, it is advisable that before a blogger publishes anything, he/she needs to do a thorough research on the topic.

Blogging benefits

For example, ten years ago, Google used to purnish websites that were too perfect on SEO. But that has changed.
My point is, things change so fast and therefore, it is the reason why bloggers are well informed.

7. Blogging relieves stress

Ever tried to write when you are stressed? Well, writing helps relieve stress. Reading other blogs relieve stress. And even reading your own blog posts help relieve stress. I mean, seeing the positive comments from your users positively gives you the courage to get up and be strong.

I don’t know about you but blogging has helped me overcome many situations in life. That’s why this point is very important to me.

8. Blogging brings fame.

I believe every blogger knows who Neil Patelis. He is famous. And Melyssa Griffin? You know her too, right? Blogging made them famous. If Melyssa would have stayed in her teaching job, you wouldn’t have known her. I think you don’t need more convincing on this.

9. Helping others

I believe in doing good to others while we still can with the little we have. If you can be able to teach someone how to earn a few bucks while blogging, it’s amazing.

It’s incredibly great to see how the top bloggers out there are funding children’s homes. It’s so powerful how bloggers impact lives of other people across the globe through the words they write. The suicide prevention posts you publish, the health related blog posts you publish on your blog’s and so much more, impact other people’s lives positively in one way or another. Do good. Help other people. Blogging is giving you the opportunity to do so.

10. Blogging opens up other avenues.

I have seen bloggers start off as just someone publishing posts teaching people how to do stuffs. Later on get hired to offer consultancy services to big companies. They don’t stop at that. They realize that they’ve grown and decide to start their own agencies, employ other experts and so on. An example is Deepak of DigitalDeepak.com. Blogging opens up other avenues. Huge avenues. You can blog about eCommerce and end up becoming the best dropshipping business owner in the whole world. Reasons why I love to blog.

Final Words

As I said, these are my top ten other benefits of blogging. There are many others, but these are tried and true benefits of blogging.
I believe you have yours too. Please do share them with us in the commenting section.

Happy blogging

Published by Apparently Lazo

Digital Marketing Coach- Nairobi Kenya.


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