Eldoret, The Hotbed of Retarded Events- 2018 Issa Change!

Comparison is poisonous. I clearly understand the sentiments above but I fail to distance my thoughts from the statement. I believe in a competitive environment with vigorous comparison skills in all sectors ranging from economic wise to my main area; the entertainment sector. I’ve been a victim of flopped events in Eldoret town, my friends have been duped and conned on organized events without reliable sponsors. I have thrown shades at the innocent hosts and organizers forgetting to dig deep the root of the oozing infected wound.

Should events in Eldoret town be certified by KEBS to prove their validity? Should the county government be hard on the investors who fail to meet certain terms and condition and limit them from destroying young talents? To be on the safe side of the pendulum, Eldoret town is full of talent, from the street family to the hardworking lot, why do you think plenty of artists, models and painters from Eldoret are moving in to Nairobi? You might lack the answer but I got it wrapped in my mandibles, blend some apples and let me strangle your chained thoughts.

I’m allowed to cute case studies.

I have been n Eskimo in this town for 7 years to be precise and the number of personalities I’ve interacted can’t be compared to the silent, old, dummy and lazy bunch of teens I encounter on social media everyday. Teens from Eldoret are running away from their town, perhaps they are a drop of Mr Bones cowardice in the wild, a disease that is spreading like wild fire. Let’s revolve around the rift-comparison-towns; Nakuru, Bomet, Eldoret, Kericho, Naivasha and Nandi.

A whole half a dozen towns, that have failed to fuck up the Nairobery Mediocrity or call it the Nairobbery Syndrome or Formula or Law-that states that, only dreams are achieved in the capital-is what keeps on messing the rift. I should be blaming the media too, for not attesting to the cries of the rising and falling tides of talents in these towns but again I also figured out that only good attracts good. The media are on a business to increase viewership, what would a Chelele Band alone benefit a Nyakisumo? I understand that’s our tradition but that shouldn’t be a limitation to attract the national participation into appreciating one’s work!

A good number of artists I know have feared starting as a raw and growing into a next bigger thing from Eldoret, why? The support, the pace, the ignorance, the hate, impartiality, all wrapped up into one thing, nobody is ready to drink from that cup, nobody is accepting to own the blame but indeed everybody has decided to work on their own, succeed on their own and live a food life alone. Just look around your circle, is there an achievement, a bigger one, that a friend helped you accomplish and they are proud of it? Should Eldoret town be a town with bigger universities only to educate brains that run away at last? 

Pay a visit at any university, conduct on the congestion and paste it on my wall. Conduct a hypothesis again on our nightclubs then paste it on your brain before finally writing a feasibility study on the talent naturing in the town then proceed to let the world know if your study is worth writing a project report! 

2018 is here. Resolutions will be tabled and plans will be laid down. I have a few recommendations but lack who to channel them to. Should I stand on the CBD and shout? Should I stop people on the busy streets of Kona Mbaya or the Munyaka slums? Maybe I should walk on the deserted pavements of Elgon view with banners all over my bald head! Act like an orphan asking for help! 2018 is your year to change E-town! I don’t know how and where you should start but you should change!

Ciao Adiós!!

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