The Top 5 Titles To Hold in 2018 if you are in Eldoret!

I’m excited by the Hindu orchestration of the new year celebrations in town! The fireworks couldn’t placate fear over my eyes! Its a new year the city of champions! Back to business! Y’all should buckle up for an exquisite and competitive year again. Several entertainment scenes are blazing and lighting the streets of Eldoret town! We ain’t gonna talk about that, let’s wrap up a number of top titles that could earn you a head if county commendation on the dusty and cold streets of Eldoret!


The current face of Eldoret Ngida Francis Kabaka, CEO custom fashion models

This is the top title in E-town as the holder gets VIP and VVIP access to any recreational center in town. Its one that morals plus a little bit of your daily health check could earn you bravadoes. The current face of Eldoret is Francis Ngida Kabaka having scooped a number of titles before finally being crowned the face of Eldoret. His modelling career has been a milestone after several models he started with dropped on the way or definitely pursued other careers. This event is dubbed to happen on the February of this coming year calling for fresh nominees from all corners of E-town. 2018 is presumed to be the most competitive year due to the rise of a number of models and celebrity personalities. 


The number of universities and colleges in Eldoret town is massive and accountable! Kudos to the ministry of Education for such a bountiful investment in the education sector. This title will attract models, celebs and competitors from several universities and college including Moi University, University Of Eldoret, Mount Kenya University, Kisii University, School of Health Sciences, RVTTI, JKUAT, Elgon View, Alphax College and many other top institutions in town. 

This is deemed as the most competitive duo due to a number of glam from the undisputed colleges. Have fun on the night to!


The county government of Eldoret should be liable to organising and awarding models who emerge out top in this competitions. I’ve never witnessed such a thing happen but I believe this year is a different one in all aspects in the county.

In fact the Mr and Miss should be dining with the governor every Wednesday with unlimited trips to Dubai, Monrovia, South Africa and other luxurious destinations such as New York. This can be influential as it will be selling the county’s vast cultural pride in the outside nations! Idk the current Mr And Miss but trust me they are dumb asf!


Beauty pageant posing for a photo in a recwnt photoshoot

What do the two overrated multinational names in the economic field have to offer for Eldoret entertainment industry other than chicken and coffee? KFC is in the UK, why not a Miss KFC Eldoret in a random selfie with the Queen of england in the London KFC? 

Java is always overrated I wonder whether they sell cowrie shells or money plates, but I can attest to it’s niceness, such a cute place deserves 6 pack adverts. Reminds me of Allan Wesh and Leone Cruz! Go get it my niggas! This is our town, we must build it by employing our own ideas. Benefits shouldn’t just be free photoshoots with cappuccino, give us adverts with our models, we want a city with pride in all aspects not just a political battleground with overrated hotels and lodges!


Who is really representing this kids? Max has done a good job trying to reduce the soliloquy and discomfort among street kids and the less fortunate around E-town who has ever appreciated him? Listen y’all we need to stop living in irrational world where we think a Facebook comment is worth an appreciation. Let’s sober up and start supporting each other, with cool vybes and outstanding orations. 

The street kids too need to be shown love, they need to be comforted, rehabilitation centers aren’t prime solutions, they’ll still pile up and blossom again. The solution to this disastrous move is to make them feel the warmth and love, someone should oversee this with an honorary calling and acceptability.

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