Have you ever wondered why some joints in town don’t get the super hype but still fancy the luxurious diamond coated and silver plated trends? I hate it when a joint exaggerates booze prizes, enjoys overrated sponsored ads but in reality lack customer satisfaction. 

Sober up cloud 9! Your bar maids are sponyo snatchers! A friend of mine complained of bar maids snatching female customers their sponyos, why don’t they hustle for sponyos pale unga ama the common place where we all know? That shitty dimwit behaviour should stop! What if it was just a boring night in the house and they decided to go hang out in the roof top bar?(wife&husband) This bullshit of being power hungry should stop! Trim your barmaids or sack them all and employ people who will work.

Your bar maids also don’t attend to customers who aren’t sponyolike with 5000 ways to die in Loliondo attitude. We are all customers, whether I buy one bottle of beer or 20 bottles, we should be treated equally. So a friend gets her usual meager kumira kumira pay, she decides to sip some cocktail in Cloud 9 only to be held ransom for more than 20 minutes waiting for a kadrink! Or is cloud 9 a sponyo extortion joint?

 If you have an incompetent manager in office, your joint will sink as soon as possible. I don’t hate but the E-town party craze will tell you. Stop promoting prostitution and hooliganism, treat all alcoholics and nonalcoholics equally, teach your bar maids some manners please (with shitty’s accent) or you need some recommendations? Perhaps I will suggest a few, take them for a benchmarking and build a better brand, get good gigs, employ deejays not kids who use virtual Dj, ooh an please get a photographer!

Ciao Adiós.

Published by Apparently Lazo

Digital Marketing Coach- Nairobi Kenya.

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