Master Behind The Pixels- Eric Onchangwa photography📷

Eric Onchangwa at a past photoshoot in Eldoret town

The Eldoret based photographer is taking the streets with a wave after arraigning lovers of photography with his eyecandy camera skills. 

Onchangwa Eric has been the name on the streets after a series of celebrity shoots in E-town. Sources indicate that Onchangwa photography is the leading firm in Eldoret town and the demand has increased causing the aforementioned photographer to be on the move 34/7.

In what can be reffered as a humble beginning, Eric Onchangwa started as a photographer in Moi University Main Campus without owning a studio in what was best known as a campus camera man holder. He didn’t give up as the ultimate goal to his success was susceptibility and reliance. Plenty of his shoots came out artistic and the livers of photography started growing fond of his skills.

His dressing mode, a mixture of both urban, casual, pro and old school aura is a perfect turn on to most of his clients. Asked on what is his best achievement in the industry, he couldn’t avoid the basic. “Customer satisfaction” motto claiming that before everything that he puts ahead, his clients are always prioritised. 

Apart from owning the best photography skills, Onchangwa reveals that his cameras are one of its kind, unique in the market and rare to acquire, the amazing part that left me mouth open wide is the fact with the perfection in his photography skills, he still serves the clients with the cheapest photography rates. Contrary to other firms, he is a nice welcoming and outgoing photographer who can be booked and availed at any event.

The fact that he gladly embraces his career he never let’s team mafisilets stay into the DM peacefully as he randomly posts pictures of her fiance and one of the latest observations is one that she took her for a photoshoot after her graduation ceremony. A beautiful ambitious young woman is what best objectives can transcribe the woman who has been pushing him to reach for the sky.

Onchangwa photography is located in Eldoret town, Safina Plaza next to Mount Kenya University.

To book for professional indoor and outdoor pictures, Call: 0707223930

You can also like his Facebook page @Onchangwa photography for more.

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