Eldoret nightlife was brought to a standstill Saturday night after the legendary jigijigi controversial gospel artist hyped the dancefloor at club Tilja. Party holics turned out in good numbers to witness the event dubbed Willy Pozee Live.

Willy Paul rocking the stage on Saturday.

Willy pozee wasn’t left behind as he also confirmed to be a lifetime member of the sacco when he grabbed a mzungu on the stage as he was proposing. Sadly she wasn’t Alaine and pozee didn’t get a yes I do in return.

Alemba, 254’s finest curtain raised for willy Paul and couldn’t hide the amazing talent behind the biggest hits he has recorded. Eldoretians brought with them both positive and negative criticism but all were united by the power of four cousins and a little Konyagi.

Several Eldoret celebrities couldn’t afford to miss the event including the face of Eldoret town models. This event happens just a month after the grand opening of the dopest entertainment joint in the CBD.

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