Aturkan hotel has always been at the heart of every prominence on the entire turkrift and the trans nzoia county at heist. Its beauty and incomparable attractiveness has awarded the vast hotel a honorary badge in both service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Miss Tourism Trans Nzoia County with thefirst ladyduring the crowning.

Kenya is a country believed to be blessed abudantly with natural scenery and beauty that has seen tourists from the entire globe pay visits. This has raised the urge for the introduction of beauty queens who to add in the tourism navel, carry high the flag of the country when welcoming visitors from all corners of the world.

Trans Nzoia County being the first county to host the first edition of the beauty pageant, show cased a variety of talents during the crowing of Miss Tourism Trans Nzoia County held at Aturukan Hotel. A good number of outstanding beauty queens who qualified to be on the runway from the bootcamp didn’t just offer beauty but intelligence during the Q&A session where current events were questioned.

The title was heavy after claims that the former Miss had been carrying the crown since 2016 and therefore the need for another competition. Several titles were awarded including the Miss Peace and many others. Below is a gallery of the crowning.

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