Namaste my people! I have missed you for the long period I haven’t been writing. I hope winter hasn’t washed away your summer obsession like it has done to me.

Lol, going silent isn’t too bad. After all time spent in closed doors alone is the best time. Yes I have been transforming, into someone totally different. The period has been one of the gullible ones that curtailed my expectations and taught me to humble down. I might have had too much expectations but it wasn’t the right time to fulfil them.

Soccer fans too! It is a transformational period between the winter and the summer. Quite a nice way to chill in such a unique time. I have felt summer is the time, to roar and take the position in the wilderness. Summer is always a period to freak and break, to open closed doors of opportunities and introduce a new generation of young Turks!

So here is the summer wave,

Are you ready to grind?

Goodbye winter😅

Published by Apparently Lazo

Digital Marketing Coach- Nairobi Kenya.

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