Nairobi please be nice.

I must accept that since I moved in to eldoret, a lot has really happened from my career to my personal skills and lifestyle. This has been the breaking point of my achievements and goals. Raised up from a humble background with a single mother, life wasn’t the luxury way but we afforded the basic lifestyle and made it to university. My inception to tertiary institution was one of my dreams come true little did I know it was just the beginning. Done with university, settling back to the village wasn’t one of the choices in my school of thought.

Life is a series of events clutched up together to make a story, no matter how successful or unsuccessful the stories are, they are tied up together to form a complete cycle of I did it and I failed it circle. Pursuing literature was the best gift my family could offer to me as it opened my perspective on real life issues and taught me how to approach life in a more pacified literary approach. Well enough of literature.

As I start this journey on a new life, I pray that God blesses all my endeavors so I don’t have to leave half of my heart in havana. I pray that all the opportunities ahead of me be opened and hug me with inspirational and motivational smiles, that I don’t meet the Judas opportunities. As I start this leadership and entrepreneurial journey towards achieving Africa’s goals of eradicating poverty and poor governance, I hope that my family will be the biggest beneficiaries of this initiative.

Nairobi has always been the land of hardship and struggles but thats just a perspective of a few lazy and unmotivated individuals. I hope that the spirit of hard work will be cultivated into my genes, I am hopeful that my 7 month initial stay will be productive.

Goodbye Eldoret!

Published by Apparently Lazo

Digital Marketing Coach- Nairobi Kenya.

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