Growing up in a society where learning was the basic measure of success, I grew up learning continuously and hoping that one day I will grow up to be among the most learned brains in Africa. Of course my dad was learned and actually the 3rd person in my village to ever step in a Teachers training college; the early universities. In 1982, the only TTC in the larger western Kenya region was located at Kakamega and having excelled in O-level, my dads dreams of pursuing teaching sprouted and he got the chance of joining the then only teachers training college- Eregi TTC.

He taught, farmed, Emceed, solved village disputes, natured his family and acted as a pillar to his wife. I still up to today try to figure out what and how his normal day looked like. I can’t stop blowing his trumpets because the pride that he left behind still brightens the village and holds our family together. In some occasions, the moment I was recognized, my dads name would go in the air and the event would turn to be his. Every person in the village has a story, and its inspiring how almost all the stories are connected in some way, intertwined by one value- Continuous Learning.

placeholder://As I pen this piece down, I feel wordy, ecstatic, proud and happy that finally at this stage of life, someone or at least a people can see the true reflection of my dad in me. My university days were a learning stage, learning what I liked and wanted in life, it was an eye opener for me, that set the pace for my next stage of life. And as I joined The African Leadership Group, the lessons that I’ve learnt for the past few months have not only helped me transform into a different person but also into a mindful lad with Africa at heart.

This Award, is a dedication to my father, for his hard work, resilience and spirit of embodying Continuous Learning- may he RIP. I take this award very important because it is a turn around of how I will look at life, from the optimistic point of view down to the realism of what the challenges come with. Till next time; Ciao!

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