We need workspaces in Nairobi

Naiobi is proving to be Africa’s prolific innovation center. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Ihubs, a larger population of Kenyan youths are moving in to the country’s capital in search of investments to harness the massive talent they house. Startups are on the verge of growth at corners of every business outlet and entrepreneurial minds are ready to upscale the most viable ones. Art and Culture at the heart of these ideas has spearheaded their growth and steered ahead the skill of cultivating networks for leveraging potential they carry.

Nairobi’s lavish and expensive entertainment galore is rich in western culture and customer centered service provisions from nighclubs to 5 star hotels. The growth in these areas has accelerated tourist travels to the city making it a destination of many visitors who prefer being sheltered in the city of the sun before proceeding to explore Africa. The shopping malls have been on a magnanimous rise to glory with malls being erected along estates to reduce the hassles of going to town for shopping. Mobile money has also been personalised to reduce theft and queues in public service areas. This growth is immense and can only be credited to the empathetic and innovative minds around the city.

What about workspaces? How many workspaces are we proud of in the city? Countable right? Gone are the days when we could demonstrate on the streets for national libraries. A study by United Nation shows 72% of Kenyans with mobile phones are either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This clearly indicates that the future of Kenya is online. That demonstrations will no longer be on the streets but online. Ideas that were shared at the National library is nowadays shared on twitter and facebook. We need a way of harnessing those ideas, a safe space of collaboration and real project hackathons.

Nairobi needs working spaces. Regulated working spaces. Just like the malls along the estates, expensive liquor in nightclubs and expensive but soothing hotel services, we also need personalized and modern working spaces that can accomodate young minds that harbour the future. We should always think of the long term goals rather than the next few months.

Published by Apparently Lazo

Digital Marketing Coach- Nairobi Kenya.

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