My 2019 Resolution

Last year saw me move to Nairobi for a 6 months leadership training program at the African Leadership. Nairobi was welcoming and I adapted quickly a conversion of ignorance to bliss. Then came the city madness. Just the third week, I lost my expensive, a silver, sleek iphone 8, after alighting from the matatu around ambassadeur area. This, they said (my friends) was how one was welcomed in the city. That, in Nairobi if you don’t get lost and pickpocketed or conned you are still living in the suburb. That ordeal would later transform me into a “The city is a bad place” charlattan, hating everything that the city comes with to the extent of cursing the beautiful scenery, the rich minds, endless opportunities and of course the growth that it comes with.

The past year has simply been a theatre of dreams, a year where I had to shape my own career path, a clear year of identifying my element and learning that solving social challenges doesn’t only have to be philanthropic at all! Nonetheless, networking has remained to be my main area of interest, gaining a deeper understanding of creating a mesh of resourceful, meaningful and important network that can be leveraged from all corners both in intra and interpersonal decadences. This skill acquired just recently after joining The African Leadership Group, should be part of the areas every Young African must be taught to grasp.

The new year is here with us, if equated to a young girl on her adolescent stage still pure and untouched, a virgin and according to African tradition, you have to seduce her, charm and completely confuse her. That’s why I am writing down my 2019 resolutions this early. I’ve never started any year with such clear and defined state of thought. Just as James Allen says on his piece, “As a Man Thinketh”, that positive thoughts and a clear mind sires positivity in character and actions so are my thoughts this new year.

Statistically, 90% of Nairobians would prefer a house over a car, and I guess I’m among the 10% that would go for a car. And that’s what my 2019 is built on. lol if it were a slayqueen, they’d be posting it on Instagram with pugnacious and suspicious tags like #cravingforthisbaby, #futureboyfriendbuymethis, #carcrusheveryday and other scary phrases. Hashtags scare me to hell! So calm down I won’t be posting any this year. Neither will I be posting car pictures (unless its mine) and I ain’t calling for the well wishers attention to gift me any (but if you are touched, I won’t decline it).

Let the new year come with endless opportunities, partnerships, innovative ideas and a healthy life to pursue of goals!

Happy new year!

Published by Apparently Lazo

Digital Marketing Coach- Nairobi Kenya.

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