Crafting a Digital Marketing Strategy

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When I first wrote down a digital marketing strategy, I was not sure if it was the right thing. I could only know it was the right thing if I tested it. I didn’t have a job by then, and so I decided to check it with a friends business (he was selling custom made suits and African wears). The first three weeks looked like I was going to fail, but after the first month with no results, we started recording leads and conversions. We had two customers from our digital marketing strategies.

We had spent over $100, and this was a blow to us. However, we had collected over 20 potential customers who had promised to purchase suits made by a friend. We divided roles and mine was to run digital campaigns while he was to follow up on the interested clients. When you observe clearly at this model, two processes were involved, and they all were significant. We had to convert customers from Marketing leads to sales leads, which in turn became our potential customers.

When I went back to the marketing strategy I had curated, I realised I had overlooked one fundamental concept, to set the goals and objectives of the whole process. Aims and aspirations are critical in any marketing strategy, be it traditional, BTL, ATL or Digital marketing strategy. They help you define your target market, audience and set timelines for the whole process.

If you are a newbie in this, don’t worry. I have outlined here everything you need to start to make your business stand out in the digital world. First, clearly, define all the channels you want to start advertising your business. Are you going with facebook and twitter? If so, then what are some of the steps to go around these two channels? Break them down, start with Facebook, for example. What is the objective of using that channel? On Facebook, you can create a page, a shop, a group, collect leads and other features to boost your customer engagement while Twitter has few features like tweeting, creating groups and running ads. Defining your channel plays a pivotal role in how you will engage with your customers and collect leads.

After defining your channel, segment your audience by profiling them into what we call target market. For example, if you are selling baby diapers, your target market is the babies. However, when you look closely, the babies have parents and parents are different. There are single mums, newlyweds, mums who have more than two kids etc. Segmenting this will help you tweak how you communicate with your audience. Segmented campaigns have a 67% conversion rate compared to other campaigns.

After segmenting your customers and understanding the size of your target market, set goals and objectives. How many leads do you want to collect at the end of one two or three months? How many customers do you want to have converted at the end of the campaign? Note that goals go hand in hand with the method of acquisition and the budget. For instance, you want to acquire 50 customers in 3 days, what is your cost of purchase? How are you going to arrive at your 50 customers? This is a question many digital marketers fail to ask themselves, yet it’s very crucial in designing any strategy.

If you are keen, you will realise the traditional marketing strategies used to be customer centred. Most of the TV adverts used to address what we need or want, and that is how digital marketing strategies should look like. They should be customer centred and intentional. Don’t set up campaigns and target the wrong people. You won’t have anything to write on the report. That’s enough for today! Till next time!

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Digital Marketing Coach- Nairobi Kenya.

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