Why Content is King in Digital Marketing

Why is content so relevant in any marketing strategy? Well, I’ll tell you why. Because content is what connects you to your customer. Content is what builds your business and customer relationships. Then why do many businesses fail to convert customers? This is the reason why;

There are different stages of content shared in the conversion funnel. If you are very careful, you will realize that you have already engaged with different types of inquiries from customers. Some customers will ask about your business; there are those that will ask about your working hours and those that will ask about specific products or prices. These are all customers at different stages. For example, one that asks about how your business operates is on the initial phase of the funnel or what is commonly known as awareness.

Do More!

If you have a Facebook page, for example, with 5,000 likes, there is a possibility that you have 5,000 people who are aware of your business and are ready to engage with you. While you might consider doing posts about your business, be cautious about the type of content that you feed people who already understand your business. This will help you convert your potential customers faster or reduce your potential clients from unliking your page.

Content can be anything that you share to keep your potential clients updated with industry news, the problems they’re facing, and how you solve those problems. You can present this in different ways — videos, info-graphics, blogs, short articles, explainer slides etc. What matters is you share content that is within your industry and at the right stage of the sales funnel.

Stages of Content Writing


Let’s break down the different stages of content strategy. There is the awareness stage content. Before someone can buy from you, they have to realize you exist—right? Well, that’s the first type of content you should share when interacting with a new audience. This step is pretty self-explanatory: It’s where the person becomes aware of you. After all, nobody is born knowing who Safaricom or Equity Bank is. At some point, they have to become aware of these companies if they are to become a customer. The same thing is real of your company.


After they know and understand about your business, what next? You will start engaging with them. This means sharing content that triggers your potential customers to engage with you is very important. Imagine coming across a very creative ad on Facebook talking about getting free 500 MB’s after subscribing to a service. But the moment you like the page, you realize it’s empty, and it lacks engaging content. You’ll probably unfollow the page right? That’s what exact;y happens when your customers go onto your twitter handle, Instagram handle or Facebook handle and realize your page doesn’t have any engaging content.


Immediately your customer is aware of your business, has gone through your pages and engaged with your content and maybe even inboxed you to inquire about some products, the chances are that is a hot deal! Introduce them to your plans. The content that you will share on this stage is content that is extremely persuasive and creating FOMO. Imagine telling your potential clients that you have a 21% discount on all your marketing newsletter subscriptions! To even make this more appealing, share how people are subscribing to your newsletter and also go ahead to set timelines.

This will create the fear of missing out, and your customers will realize that you have something they are missing, given they engaged with your content. This stage is where you start making sales. Be careful not to forget customers who inquire but don’t purchase. Don’t forget about them; it merely means they are interested but can’t afford your service at the moment or are still not sure if its the best decision to make. Try contacting them later through emails, SMS or even calling them to inquire if they are still interested in your services.

As you have realized, all these stages have a different way of approaching your content creation skills. You don’t start sharing your subscription plans before creating awareness and engaging with your customers.

Try creating a funnel today and share your success story with me on my Facebook page Lazo Apparently! I wish you all the best in your content writing!

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Digital Marketing Coach- Nairobi Kenya.

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