Afraid of SEO? Its not that Technical!

It’s Monday! Your weekly marketing insight is here!

Last week, we discussed how content is important in your marketing strategy. One of the main focus was on how you can relate industry content to your own brand or product. With content on your social media and blog, you have the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers. But how do you make sure your content reaches the right people? How do you ensure that your blog is read by the right audience?

This week our main focus is Search Engine Optimization aka SEO. A number of people get really turned off by this term. Most people think it’s some statistical term involving numbers and calculations, most think it’s all about coding and programming. Hold it up there and let me teach you what SEO is.

Let’s do a quick simple exercise. Close this blog page. Go to Google and type, Monday Motivation Quotes. What page comes up first? Why does that page come up first? That’s a question only you can answer after reading this blog. So let’s go straight to SEO and understand the basics of this huge term.

When you break it down, Search simply means looking for something on the internet, Engine is the combination of Google frameworks and algorithms that helps you get your desired results while optimization is tweaking your blog/website to easily show up when someone tries to search for something on the Google engine. Simple right? Let’s dig deeper.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of positioning websites for higher visibility in search engines. When done correctly through best practices, testing, and hard effort, it typically works. Sometimes it causes headaches. May lead to industry friendships and a life‐long love affair with all things search. This is a complicated definition from the SEO experts but in simple terms, SEO simply means, an iterative process of tweaking your website i.e. content, links, link backs to appear at the top of every keyword that users type in the search engine.


So now we’ve introduced a new term again, Keywords. These are simply high ranking and hot sauce words that simply improve your website ranking. Yes, that’s it. They can be words, phrases or even sentences! For example, if your website is a food delivery website, you might consider using keywords such as meals under Ksh 350, Quick delivery etc. Keywords are just words that have higher chances of being used by your customers or potential clients. This now means that for you to develop keywords, you must do in-depth research.

Now that we understand what keywords are, let’s now try to highlight SEO tasks. SEO tasks are ways of performing your website and content optimization. This includes;
a) Keyword Search
b) On-page SEO
c) Link Building and;
d) Technical SEO
All these tasks are important in improving your website ranking and making sure that your website shows up to the right customers.

Next week, we will break down each SEO task and how you can approach it to increase your website ranking. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter!

Published by Apparently Lazo

Digital Marketing Coach- Nairobi Kenya.

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