2020 Social Media Stats To Watch

I understand that sometimes all we need as marketers is numbers and that can only be found by using the right channel to communicate to your customers. Most businesses are registering loses because they don’t understand what is happening at the moment.

2020 has a lot in store from Instagram to TikTok. Young people- who are the highest consumers of the internet are adjusting to new life, new opportunities, chances to change lives, and, for us marketers, new campaigns to plan. 

Social media keeps getting bigger with every new year, and because of that, demographics shift with it. And, ultimately, keeping on top of important numbers before your social media campaigns can help you with Return On Investment in the long run. 

On this document, I’ve compiled the state of social media demographics by analysing and aggregating performances and click through rates, optimized with the most important data you need to know about your audience and shaping your personas for 2020.



  • Facebook has over 2 billion users. (We Are Social)
  • Facebook users are 74% female and 62% male.  (We Are Social
  • The most popular age range of Facebook users is 18–29, at 81%. (The Rainmaker Blog)
  • 75% of Facebook’s users are located in urban areas. (The Rainmaker Blog)
  • 96% of Facebook users access the site via mobile devices. (Statista)
  • 269 million of Facebook’s users are in India. (Statista)
  • College graduates make up for 77% of Facebook’s adult users. (The Rainmaker Blog)
  • The median income of most Facebook users is between $30,000-$49,000. (The Rainmaker Blog)



  • Twitter has over 330Million monthly active users. (Statista
  • The U.S. is the country with the most Twitter users, at 48 million. (Statista
  • Twitter users are 24% male and 21% female. (Statista
  • According to Twitter’s internal data, Twitter is the #1 platform for discovery. (Twitter for Business
  • 32% of Twitter users have a median income of $75,000. (The Rainmaker Blog)
  • 27% of Twitter users are between 30-49. (The Rainmaker Blog)
  • There are 29% of Twitter users living in urban areas. (The Rainmaker Blog)


  • TikTok is available in over 150 markets in 75 languages. (App Ape Lab)
  • There are 500 million monthly active TikTok users. (App Ape Lab)
  • TikTok users are 55% male and 44% female. (App Ape Lab
  • The most popular age group of TikTok users are teens, with 21% male teenagers and 18% female teenagers. (Business of Apps
  • In Asia, the #1 market for TikTok is Cambodia. (Business of Apps
  • Half of TikTok users are under the age of 34. (MarketingCharts)
  • 37% of adult TikTok users have a median income of over $100,000. (MarketingCharts)
  • 41% of TikTok users are teens. (Oberlo)


  • 81% of US internet users aged 18-25 watch YouTube videos. (Statista)
  • YouTube has two billion monthly logged in videos. (Statista)
  • 15% of YouTube’s traffic comes from the U.S. (Alexa
  • 73% of adults watch YouTube videos. (Pew Research Center)


  • LinkedIn has 660 million members. (We Are Social
  • The website is available in 24 different languages. (We Are Social)
  • The region with the most users is Europe, with over 206 million. (We Are Social)
  • LinkedIn has the fastest growing membership rate among 18-24-year-olds. (We Are Social)

However, social media is changing everyday with new trends being introduced into the market. But feel free to use these stats as guide when writing your editorial calendar. If you are creating a campaign, then you should definitely pay attention to details!

All the best!

Twitter is the #1 platform for discovery!

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