Isolation Tales; Pt1

Last summer, I promised to take myself to the sandy beaches of Mombasa to celebrate my birthday, my anniversary and my girlfriend’s birthday too. I had been saving for this trip for 8 months! In just 8 months, I had saved over 60 bucks for this vacation only! It took me some resilience, discipline and sacrifice to save every week and month.

I had not told my girlfriend about any of this trip! The initial plan was to make it a surprise! I went into the SGR website and booked two tickets! All this while, the only person who knew this was my nephew because we were staying together at that time! Even the person I was going with, didn’t know anything. She had been nagging me about birthday plans but I kept telling her I didn’t have any plans.

We had a slight argument two months before the trip- it was minor. Apparently, she had seen a flirty conversation between me and a certain lady on twitter. But it was MINOR. The arguments kept coming up now that I had mentioned there weren’t any birthday plans. For my best interest, I felt it okay to mention I had planned something and so I decided to let the cat out of the bag.

Her response was basic or what one would say mildly. That wasn’t what I had anticipated but I understood since we had had an argument the month before and we were still not in good terms with my ex-girlfriend. Imagine, I had booked two return tickets, booked a hotel room in Nyali and had spent over 39 bucks. Two weeks to the trip, she boldly says NO. She says she will be spending her birthday with her family, and that I should just cancel the trip.

To cut the story short. She didn’t come with me.

I didn’t cancel the trip either because the hotel and SGR had a no-refund policy. OMG, I was about to through 39K in the drain. As a man who was in love, I didn’t even think of looking for another lady. At the commuter train, I was weak, my sugar levels were low and I felt like crying. I had carried alcohol forgetting that shit wasn’t allowed in the commuter train. Jesus! I was taken to another room for like 15 minutes then the Askaris asked me to pay 5K so they can let me in since my train was leaving in 25 minutes. I had no option but to give them the money so they could let me go.

Tsavo is beautiful, but I didn’t enjoy a tip of what I saw, I had to pretend I was okay to the lady who was seated next to me. We talked but I don’t think I remember anything we spoke about. It was that bad! Yes! We arrived safely in Mombasa and I took a taxi to Nyali. I checked in and went directly to the bathroom. I cried hard that tears didn’t even come out! Lol, indeed a man’s tears always go to heal hidden wounds in our hearts, minds, bodies and that’s why it never comes out through the eyes.

The first night was moody. I remember that lady who was in charge of me, coming to ask if I will go downstairs for dinner. I asked if it was possible to serve me dinner in my room. I never ate the food though. She came to pick stuff in the morning and was worried that I was sick. I was feeling better in the morning though. The night washed away my sorrows and I was ready to welcome a new day.

I spent the better part of the day in the pool and the beach meditating about what I wanted. My birthday was coming up and I needed a plan. ‘I really don’t think I need a plan,’ I silently thought…maybe all I needed was just space, especially after a heartbreak?

Watch out for Part Two of this Story

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