Quarantine Thoughts- A Xmas Story

When the bartender realised that we’d woken up, she rushed where we were! “Nyinyi mnajua mmeniweka hapa tangu bar ifungwe? Mmenifanyisha kazi ya u**zi!”

It’s the eve of Christmas. We are about to start the journey. This Christmas, I had decided to visit my sister to celebrate the holiday with her. But the whole plan was with my nephew to travel for a party close to 50 miles from home. This Christmas is very special to me. I have saved some money with a group of friends. We named the challenge the 52 weeks savings challenge where we have been saving from January to December- for 52 weeks.

Another friend of my nephew joins us but he asks his girlfriend to come with him. So we are four. Not a bad number to get lost in the beaches. This whole trip is planned with Port Victoria as the destination. None of us has been to this place yet. But then I remember a friend of mine-my best friend- lives on these sides. When we call her she says she will be at that beach party too and so I will have some company.

We arrive at the place around 15 minutes to three pm, the sun is scorching and everyone is moving up and down. Though a sunny day is always accompanied by rainfall this one seems like the ancestors are encouraging people to drink water. The water business is booming and some people are selling water in nylon papers. When we ask them where they have bought the papers in retail yet plastic papers were banned in Kenya, they say they have friends from Uganda who help them ship to Kenya.

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From this major town up to the beach is a walking distance but because the sun is too hot, we decide to take a motorbike. The place looks deserted from any events management company but we alight and approach this woman selling water.

We ask her about an event that will be happening tonight and that we can’t see any setup, she slaps us with the truth. The event has been postponed to the following day because the host could not make it from Nairobi in time.

But we had just landed. Should we go back home?- Yes, we should but we didn’t. Since we had some money, we went to the busy uptown to enjoy ourselves. Christmas eve is always busy. The night is charming and our table is full of drinks. To my surprise, our number has doubled and we are close to 10 people on one table. But because we are having fun, no one bothers anything. The next thing I see is my nephew sleeping next to me in a chair outside the door. 

A sharp pain cuts through my head. I try to open my eyes but I can’t because it’s painful. I move myself but then immediately I move, I fall down. It’s a damn couch! It’s too cold and my whole body is in pain. I wake my nephew up and we are sleeping inside this nightclub in the middle of a city we have never been to. The first thing that comes to my mind is my phone. I quickly check my pockets but I can’t find anything apart from a piece of paper. The paper is a receipt- last night’s bill.

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When the bartender notes we’ve woken up, she rushes where we are! “Nyinyi mnajua mmeniweka hapa tangu bar ifungwe? Mmenifanyisha kazi ya u**zi!” At this rate, I’m lost. I don’t understand what’s going on. My nephew tries to ask why we are paying this much yet we have never been heavy drinkers. She then opens up and tells us our friends did and they said we will pay the bills. Jesus!

Who does that? The bill is 5K, we pay and leave the hotel. But we have nowhere to go, we are tired, hangovered, need sleep and need a shower! So back to the hotel. We pay again, to access the bathroom to clean and freshen up. This day has already started on a higher tone. The day is the d-day for the party and the set up is amazing. It’s also Christmas day and everywhere is decorated with celebration moods.

The following day, we left to go back home. Everyone was surprised! We just left and are now shopping up on boxing day? What might have caused that? Anyway, they keep asking those questions up to now but no one has ever answered them. You are the first one to know what happened on that christmas holiday!

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