Key Digital Marketing Insights

Digital Marketing is not as complex as some people make it look like. In fact, it’s just a replica of traditional marketing. The only difference is digital space has way better benefits compared to traditional marketing. In this article, I will share the basics and everything you need to know to power up your online presence.

Here is what you need to start off!

  1. Do you have a functional website? Are you on Social Media? Remember you are competing with different players and if you cant be found,the consumer who is online will opt to take up services or products of the company which can be found. Include reviews /case studies on your website this adds legitimacy.
  2. Yes, you have a website, but how can the consumer learn more about you and make an actual purchase without even calling, emailing , meeting someone to explain your offering. Is there a video? automated guide? A functional website is the most important tool in the digital marketing mix.
  3. Even before you boost anything on Social media– You need to know who is your target audience and their behaviors- for example for our business our audience are mostly on LinkedIn and this is where we put a lot of focus. The term google is not just a saying ; this is where most consumers will go and search for your products or services, your website needs to be optimized with key words that the consumers will search for, you can do this by the type of content you have on your website and blog. PPC ( Pay per click) are the text adverts that appear on the google search if you are looking for a specific thing. PPC for different businesses can be better than boosting on social media.
  4. You don’t want to loose a sale once the client checks in your digital assets, invest in a CRM system which collects potential clients details once they log into your digital assets. A CRM system will support you in communicating to your clients. Also having a way you can link WhatsApp to the website and also having a chat-bot which responds to clients inquiries. Most of these tools are available and some are even free.
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Email and SMS Marketing

Email is one of our biggest channels to acquire customers. It has worked well for us for the last 5 years since we started email.

  • Have a clean database: Organise your database in specific batches for example Industry specific etc, so that you can track which people like which type of content.
  • Use automated tools: Leverage the automation functions in your email marketing platform to automate some of your universal communications such as your company profile, this can be automatically sent to new contacts.  Automation ultimately saves you precious time.
  • Educate/Entertain/Add Value: We all have that urge of selling, however people prefer not to be sold to – so the content you give needs to be add value and your clients will always have you top of mind because you gave them an excellent piece of advise.  Have a clear call to action – after reading, what do you want your audience to do or get from your communication is it -Education on an industry topic, Offering a free trial, Launching a new product etc.
  • Have an engaging subject line and concise content: An engaging subject line will make your clients want to know more, include catchy phrases, emojis etc. Do not overwhelm your readers with all the information in one email. Summarize the content and for those who want to read more, provide a link that can direct them to your blog on your website. (We can’t do this for this article as our website is not yet functional) 🙂 

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Content is King! But how do you harness the power of the king? By simply understanding how to create the content, discussing it and measuring the results. Content marketing plays a major role in lead generation and conversion in any campaign and each & every brand just have a dedicated team for content creation. I hope you find this episode insightful. For any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a message on or here on anchor! #StaySafe and learn online. — Support this podcast:
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